Taylor is a performer and composer of Classical, Jazz and Traditional American Music from Washington State.  As an undergraduate, he attended Adelphi University where he studied classical vocal performance, jazz bass and composition.  Taylor is currently a graduate student at Stony Brook University, where he has studied composition with Daria Semegen, Perry Goldstein, Margaret Schedel and Ray Anderson.  Along with his substantial success as a multi-instrumentalist, Taylor has been commissioned by a number of choirs, ensembles and jazz bands including significant projects for The Peninsula Singers and Discernment Music.  His music has been featured in festivals throughout the United States as well as Denmark and China.

Taylor has composed over 40 original works, which explore the various expressive languages he has learned from his wide range of musical experiences.  This has led to a recent compositional output which simultaneously liberates and challenges musicians through a unique combination of guided improvisation and nontraditional notation coupled with an intense reliance on the performer’s own ears.