Here are some of my recent works that I am particularly happy to share with you.

These three pieces demonstrate a range of my compositional approaches which engage with my folk music background and my experiences with aural transmission.  


Far from Home is one of my original folksongs. This version, performed by the Stony Brook Roots Ensemble was entirely aurally transmitted by me to the players. 

Three Sides to a Folk Song for acoustic instrument and fixed media is the first piece in which I deliberately bridge my passion for electronic composition and my background in American Folk music.  This composition centers around one of my folk songs with original melody and lyrics. 

Electronic Composition No. 2  is a work for fixed media and perform.  It features an electronic part built entirely from recordings of analog synthesizers with written score. The performer receives the recording and I aurally transmit the performance instructions. In this way Electronic Composition No. 2 is a work which incorporates the performance practice of Traditional American music, without drawing directly on its musical idioms.

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